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If you are not massaging your face already, we are giving you plenty of reasons to begin now. Treating yourself with a two to three minute facial massage while applying face oil can relieve stress, increase blood flow, create glowing skin, trigger collagen production, stimulate the sympathetic nervous system that helps clear toxins from the skin, and improve health of the lymphatic system, a collection of organs and tissues. The face has hundreds of pressure points, each connected to a different part of the body, that are activated immediately with our touch. Massaging your face with all natural nutrient-rich oil as your last step before bedtime gives skin plenty of time to absorb the product overnight.

All Natural Stem Cell Face Oil GoodJanes

  • After applying your moisturizer at night and letting the product soak in, add 1-2 dropperfuls (depending on skin type) of Best Face Oil to your palm and distribute oil evenly to fingertips.
  • Start from the center of your chin, gently press the fingertips into skin with a tapping motion and move upward, mirroring the pattern on each side of your face. Then apply to your neck, and work your way up the face again with the tapping motion. 
  • Once the oil has been distributed onto your skin, start above the collarbone and begin massaging your neck gently with both hands in a wide circular motion, making your way up the neck to your face, targeting the jawline, sides of your face, forehead, and eye area, repeating the process until massage is complete. This is a perfect time to close your eyes and focus on all the good feels.
  • Pay special attention to your eye area, jawline, neck, and cheeks, remaining gentle and never pulling downward.
  • Breathing throughout this process is essential to enhancing relaxation and rejuvenation. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to invigorate facial muscles and help find inner calm.
GoodJanes Best Face Oil

GoodJanes Best Face OilThis beauty bombshell is a lightweight, fast-absorbing facial oil that gives your skin the hydration boost it needs while helping to restore a more youthful appearance. Packed with natural oils and nourishing esters, Best Face Oil is perfect for all skin types — even oily skin.

  • Buriti Oil – Rich in vitamins E and C, and a natural resource for vitamin A.
  • Alpine Rose Stem Cell – This unique rose is found high in the Swiss Alps. With its antioxidant properties, it helps protect the skin from oxidation and the appearance of aging.
  • Oil Blend – Unique blend of safflower, coconut, argan and jojoba oils to help moisturize, rejuvenate and give skin a youthful appearance.


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