My name is Janelle, but some call me GoodJane since I am an avid lover of all things natural, healthy and good for the body and soul. In my journey to find natural beauty products that were still fashionable and up-to-pace with current skincare trends, I had a hard time finding any that aligned with my needs and quality standards. That’s why I created GoodJanes.

All of our products are made with naturally derived ingredients and are vegan, 100% cruelty-free and do not contain sulfates or harsh chemicals. I work hard to create and produce only the best beauty tools and products to help keep you and your skin looking young, radiant and beautiful.

I hope my products tempt you to tango with your alter ego, and although I can’t promise you two won’t get into a little bit of trouble, I can promise that my naturally derived products won’t stand in the way of bringing out the best version of yourself!