Face The Facts | How To Minimize Acne Naturally

We can all agree that acne is universally unliked by all of us. Fortunately, simple habits can help minimize acne naturally. From the right skincare routine to good sanitation, and avoiding certain foods, clearer skin can be achieved with these best practices.

How to Minimize Acne Naturally

  1. Never go to sleep with makeup on

  2. Use a charcoal cleanser like DeepTox with Butterfly Bush Plant Stem Cells

  3. Keep skin hydrated with natural skincare products

  4. Focus on healing skin barrier with ingredients like Alpine Rose Stem Cells

  5. Clean pillowcase regularly

  6. Use a clean towel to dry face at night

  7. Disinfect phone frequently

  8. Avoid consuming dairy, refined carbohydrates and fast food

  9. Keep hands off face

  10. Wear an SPF

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