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When GoodJanes founder Janelle Friedman began her journey to create the most natural, effective, cruelty-free and luxurious vegan skincare on the planet, she discovered the natural anti-aging power packed in plant stem cells. This discovery led her to procure a powerful collection of plant stem cells to infuse into skincare products. The Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells in Best Face Oil, Say Goodnight Cleansing Balm and Full of Grit Oatmeal Body Scrub are the kiss from a rose your skin needs. Want more proof?

GoodJanes Vegan Skincare Best Face Oil Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells

Alpine Rose Stem Cells  Found high in the Swiss Alps, these plant stem cells improve cell vitality and natural skin barrier with antioxidants that protect from signs of aging and promote healthy skin. 

  • Alpine Rose grows and thrives in an incredibly harsh environment that includes high-altitude dryness and freezing temperatures. Its resilience and regenerative characteristics help the rose to thrive despite enduring environmental stress. 
  • These plant stem cells have amazing regenerative qualities, enabling the plant to produce new stem cells continuously throughout its lifetime, while having the potential to live up to 100 years. 
  • The Alpine Rose also contains high amounts of polyphenolic compounds, which protect the plant against radicals as well as viruses and bacteria, taxifolin, antioxidants, and antiviral compounds.
  • The Alpine Rose adapts to its environment by developing scales on its leaves to limit water loss, as well as having the ability to synthesize protective proteins which behave like tiny sponges, retaining water around the cell membrane.

GoodJanes Vegan Skincare Best Face Oil Plant Stem Cells

Dr. Anna Cabeca shares, "The Alpine Rose stem cells are able to survive the frost and dehydrating conditions of dry air and cold. And this protection appears to support more than the plant itself, as studies have shown the same stem cells can offer protection to human skin as well. 

In vitro and in vivo studies (3) the stem cells were shown to reduce the formation of carbonylated proteins. These proteins are a marker of skin aging. The stem cells were also shown to protect the skin against herpes occurrence due to their strong antiviral effect.

Oxidative stress was measured in vivo by examining the carbonyl protein content in human skin after exposure to UVA radiation. Compared to the placebo-treated skin samples the carbonyl protein content was significantly reduced in the skin sites treated with the Alpine Rose stem cells.

The Alpine Rose stem cells protected against damage induced by oxidative stress as well as defending against pathogens! And in another study (4) Alpine Rose stem cells were again shown to have a protective effect on human skin as they did within the plant. Our skin’s epidermal cells are responsible for skin cell replenishment, and this process slows down as we age, taking 50% longer for replenishment to occur. This study demonstrated that one key measure of renewal, the ability for the cells to form colonies, increased as much as 75% when penetrated with a 0.15% Alpine Rose stem cell extract. Stem cells were better able to counter environmental stress and retain skin cell vibrancy." 

Meet GoodJanes Vegan Skincare Products with Alpine Rose Stem Cells GoodJanes Best Face Oil | This beauty bombshell is a lightweight, fast-absorbing facial oil that gives your skin the hydration boost it needs while helping to restore a more youthful appearance. Packed with natural oils and nourishing esters, Best Face Oil is perfect for all skin types — even oily skin. for this luscious fast-absorbing oil that leaves skin radiant and rejuvenated. This versatile oil is designed to blend effortlessly with other products and suitable for all skin types. GoodJanes Say Goodnight Cleansing Balm | Melt away your makeup and the day with this nighttime hydrating cleansing balm. This calming balm transforms from a balm to an oil cleanser to help remove makeup and impurities while revitalizing skin naturally with nourishing oils and bamboo extract. Say goodnight, then say good morning to gorgeous, dewy skin.  GoodJanes Full of Grit | Scrub away dirt and oil with Full of Grit Oatmeal Body Scrub. Four different scrub components combine to gently rub away dead skin cells, revealing smooth, moisturized skin, while aloe vera and Alpine Rose Stem Cells help protect and soothe the skin. Full of grit means a whole lot of skin moxie, all day.

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