GoodJanes Founder Janelle featuring our water cream H20 My God on the beach.

Our Story

My name is Janelle, but some call me GoodJane since I am an avid lover of all things natural, healthy and good for the body and soul. In my own skincare journey, I couldn’t find healthy vegan products that were effective—and certainly not ones that left me feeling luxurious. 

I don’t think you should have to choose between ingredients that are healthy and what works. For me, the height of luxury is high-quality ingredients, effective results, and not having to compromise your health or values for great skin. This is everything I wanted as a consumer, and it’s what GoodJanes was founded to deliver. 

I committed to researching and understanding everything I was putting on my skin. Above all, fewer, more healthy and effective ingredients in the bottle was my north star. Simplicity and results became my focus, always guided by science and healthy ingredients.

I work tirelessly to create and produce only the best skincare products to help keep you and your skin looking young, radiant and beautiful. I’m constantly inspired by our customer success stories, which motivates me to continue finding better ways to deliver on our promise to provide uncompromising skincare to everyone with a face. 

With Love, Janelle

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For every generation

I developed these products with my mother, daughters, and grand daughters in mind.

Clean and healthy vegan skin care is so important based on how I was raised and how I've raised our family.