See your mascara, eyeliner, and lash application from all angles to avoid smudging and smearing. The Kiss My Lash mirror makes for an easy application so you don’t have to stress about the mess!

Our founder Janelle Friedman sits down with beGlammed cofounder Maile Pacheco to discuss why the Kiss My Lash mirror should be everyone’s beauty must-have! Apply lashes, draw eyeliner, and layer eyeshadow all without worry of smudging!

Your go-to guide for applying GoodJanes falsies using the Kiss My Lash mirror. Get the inside tips from cutting your lashes to be the perfect size, and layering just the right amount of glue!

Lash care is a must! Learn how to make your falsies last longer by removing and storing them properly. You can get 35 wears out of the mink lashes, and 2 uses out of the silk with proper care!