Sweety High Everything to Know About Moisturizer, and Why It's Mandatory for Your Skin

Do you ever have those terrible skin days, where it feels so dry that you're convinced it's going to flake off?

For some, dry skin is a part of everyday life and something that constantly needs tending to. Then, there are those with "normal" skin. They have neither oily nor dry skin, making it seem like they have an easier time when it comes to skincare. But, no matter how perfect your skin may seem, there's one thing that people of all skin types should be using every single day-moisturizer.

Want to know why? Scroll below to learn more about moisturizer, the benefits of it and why you should absolutely be moisturizing:

What is Moisturizer? What are the Benefits?

Moisturizer is exactly what it sounds like-it moisturizes the skin. Dry skin is often irritable and can lead to even worse skin issues if not handled properly and promptly. The first thing you should do every morning is to apply moisturizer before putting on makeup. It allows for better application and protects you from dry skin. You should also apply it at night before going to bed. We spoke with dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, about the specific benefits of using moisturizer. Here’s what she had to say:

"Hydrators and moisturizers are helpful for making the skin look plump and smooth. They help strengthen the skin barrier function, which in turn, helps protect us from environmental irritants, toxins and trauma "

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