Quick-Absorbing Face Oils That Won’t Put Your Routine on an Awkward Pause

Change is constant, especially where beauty routines are concerned, but face oil is to skincare what the bob is to hair trends. It will never go out of style or be in short supply. Personally speaking, patting oil into my face ever so gently is the type of self-love I never skip before bed. To that same point, my morning routine is a completely different story. No matter the time crunch, only the best fast-absorbing face oil will do because I’m in a constant state of rush (like most New Yorkers).

The good news is that besides a few offenderslike the infamous coconut oilmost oils have a decent absorption rate. And any good budget-shopper will tell you that buying a single oil from, say Amazon or the supermarket, is sufficient. However, experience has taught me that you’re better safe than sorry with a product that’s been expertly-formulated by a brand and eliminates at least some of the “will this actually work?” hesitation.

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