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Sara Boyd with Forbes recently featured GoodJanes in her article 14 Female-Founded Beauty Brands to Know. We are beyond proud of our fearless leader Janelle Friedman who went from law firm CEO to creating phenomenal skincare with plant stem cells and naturally derived ingredients! 

Janelle Friedman GoodJanes Vegan Skincare

by Sarah Boyd

Janelle Friedman made the leap from CEO of a law firm to entrepreneur when she launched her vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand GoodJanes in 2018. Since then the brand has introduced several innovative skincare products and beauty tools that combine environmentally-friendly ingredients with luxurious products.

What makes you feel empowered?

JANELLE FRIEDMAN: I feel most empowered by my confidence in my work, my intelligence, achievements, success, and kindness. I am an avid reader; I love reading for pleasure and to increase my knowledge in business, and I believe that intelligence begins with reading. I never think you can devour enough books! Reading enriches your brain to build higher intelligence and empathy. Empathy is the intellectual identification of thoughts, feelings, or state of another person, while kindness is the state of being kind. You need both empathy and kindness to feel empowered.

How do you use your business to inspire women and lift others?

JF: 12 years ago I saw a need in the market, so I started a women-in-business networking group, Essential Energy. The group meets regularly with the purpose of inspiring women and empowering them to succeed. We now have over 500 women members! Essential Energy’s mission is to share wisdom and experiences between successful women through personal friendships and business networking with a spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to our group to unite in pursuit of our common purpose. I love to mentor young businesswomen and help them accomplish their goals and for them to feel empowered.

What is a favorite product of yours at the moment and why?

JF: My favorite product is GoodJanes Face Latte. I actually cannot go a day without it! It has changed my skin dramatically, making it smoother and revitalizing my skin daily while minimizing the fine lines on my face. You have to try it!

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