Saving Face | How to Minimize a Skin Hangover

We know that the food and beverages we choose impact our skin. Processed foods and beverages, including dairy products and sugary alcoholic drinks, filter through the body and can cause inflammation, blackheads, pimples and dry patches, all signs to let us know our body is rejecting toxins. Our best approach is to adopt a diet that is truly good for us, like high vitamin C and nutrient-rich vegan foods, along with loads of water. However, for some of us it is almost impossible to take all the fun out of our diets, so we lean on other approaches to minimize a skin hangover.

Olivia Culpo Vegan Skincare

Cleansing and moisturizing skin before bed is by far the best way minimize a skin hangover. Opt for a one minute nighttime skincare routine or give skin the ultimate luxury of a five to ten minute routine, and remember to treat skin the morning after too. Olivia Culpo Vegan Skincare

1 Minute Nighttime Skincare Ritual

7 Minute Nighttime Skincare Ritual 

Morning After Ritual

 P.S. Drink plenty of water before bed and practice these sleep habits to minimize wrinkles while you sleep.


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