Mink VS Synthetic Lashes - Is mink really worth the splurge?

If you’ve walked down the eyelash extension aisle at your favorite beauty store lately, you know how overwhelming it can be. The difference in styles, fullness, and price ranges can be enough to push you over the edge, but throw in terms like “mink”, “synthetic” and “silk” and things can really get confusing. Let’s break down what the different types of eyelash extensions are and how they differ from each other.



Mink lashes offer the most natural look due to the fact that they are created with real mink fur, mimicking the texture of your natural lashes. Some animal welfare organizations warn against the use of real mink lashes, but our mink lashes are ethically produced by fur that is naturally shed from the animal, so there is no cruelty involved.

Mink fur is very fine, so our lashes are light and airy despite the level of fullness. Combined with naturally taped ends, mink lashes offer a feathery, soft look versus a more rigid look that many synthetic lashes offer. They also do not have a plastic-like sheen to them like synthetics, so once they are applied, they are virtually indistinguishable from your natural lashes.   

Although mink lashes tend to have a higher price tag than synthetic lashes, they also typically last longer. With proper care, our lashes can last up to 25 wears!



Many companies produce synthetic lashes, and due to their typically low price, they are the most common lashes used today. Synthetic lashes aim to mimic mink lashes, you may also see them labeled as “Faux-Mink.”

Synthetics are generally made of plastic or poly-fiber, so they tend to be thicker and heavier than mink lashes, which can feel cumbersome on the lashline. Likewise, man-made fibers usually lack tapered ends, so the look is a lot harsher. They also have a more rigid lash strip, which can be difficult to apply, even for a seasoned professional.

Although synthetics have a lower price, the quality of the materials are also generally lower, and are therefore designed to only be used once.


So, Are Mink Lashes Worth It?

At GoodJanes, we LOVE our mink lashes. Their natural look mixed with ease of use and the fact that they can be reused multiple times are the very reasons why we chose them for our customers, but we also understand not every occasion or customer requires splurging on mink lashes.

If you’re new to the false lash world, synthetics can be a cost-effective way to get used to applying them and deciding what fullness, length and style looks and works best for you, but keep in mind that mink lashes will feel lighter and look more natural. Synthetics also tend to be more challenging to apply, which can be frustrating for a first-time lash wearer.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, have a special occasion or you want more bang for your buck, mink lashes are definitely the way to go. Mink lashes are great for weddings or special occasions because they provide a glamorous yet natural look, and they also provide the utmost comfort, because nothing is worse than being uncomfortable during an important occasion.


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