GoodJanes Founder Weighs In On Sephora’s And Ulta Beauty’s Big Retail Partnerships

In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 28 founders and executives: What do you think of the recently revealed partnerships between Ulta Beauty and Target, and Sephora and Kohl’s? How do you predict they will change the retail landscape and the beauty industry?


JANELLE FRIEDMAN Founder, Good Janes

The partnerships between the major chains and the big beauty retailers are a sign of the times. While the sales in the big beauty retailers have declined, the partnerships with the major chains gives them more exposure to more customers and an opportunity to sell more product. It can be very beneficial. It can also give new customers a new experience and give the beauty retailers more brand awareness. 

It is what the big cosmetic companies have been doing in major department stores for years. We think the retail landscape is in the process of changing for the better. As a result of these partnerships, beauty products will become more accessible and less expensive. More women and men will enjoy the products that companies like ours have to offer.


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