22 Best Face Oils for All Skin Types in 2021

These days, there are so many cosmetics brands on the market that separating the good from the best face oils can be difficult. When picking out face oils, it helps to start with an understanding of your personal skin care needs, while also taking into account how this new product will work into your current lineup. In other words, what gaps are you filling and what are you hoping your skin gains?

Before you can start looking for a face oil, it’s important that you not only identify but also get to know your skin type. We are talking beyond the standard, oily, combination, and dry categories. For some, this may mean doing a bit of research or consulting a dermatologist to understand how different oils might help or harm your skin’s overall health. For example, if you’re allergic to sunflower seeds, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate face oil will not be the product for you – even if it’s top-rated among beauty editors.

Even if you consider your skin to be fairly well taken care of, Karlene Delisser, Sisley Spa Esthetician at Nordstrom NYC’s Beauty Haven, stresses the importance of using a hydrating oil in between spa treatments. “While you should be getting a facial every month or two, a good facial oil in combination with your moisturizer will ensure your skin gets the hydration it needs in order to stay healthy," Delisser says.

Once you get your personal preferences in a facial oil squared away, having a goal in mind will help narrow your search even further. Do you want an oil that will serve multiple purposes or do you have your eye on a product that will work hand-in-hand with your favorite superfoods? The bottom line is, pay attention to the list of ingredients! To help make sure you get started on the right path, we've curated a list of the 22 best face oils according to both needs and skin care goals.

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