Vegan Skincare | Why Plant Stem Cells in Skincare are Good for Your Skin

Stem cells are the building blocks of cell development, having the ability to rapidly divide and give rise to unique new cells. Plant stem cells, also known as vegan stem cells and botanical stem cells, are remarkably powerful cellular engines that help plants stay alive and thrive. It was discovered that these hard-working plant stem cells were packed with nutrients and antioxidants that stimulated a natural approach to skin cell rejuvenation, and provided a plethora of benefits for skin health when infused into skincare products.

Vegan Stem Cell Skincare

More About Plant Stem Cells in Skincare
  • Plant Stem Cells with nutrients beneficial for skin are extracted from unique plants around the world.
  • Plant Stem Cells in skincare signal skin cells to rejuvenate, unlocking the potential for improved skin with naturally derived amino acids, peptides, protein and antioxidants.
  • Plant Stem Cells provide anti-inflammatory, wrinkle fighting, collagen boosting, brightening and numerous appearance improving benefits that lead to healthier skin.
  • Plant Stem Cells are not live, and cannot become human stem cells.
Meet the Plant Stem Cells in GoodJanes
  • Alpine Rose Stem Cells – Found high in the Swiss Alps, these plant stem cells improve cell vitality and natural skin barrier with antioxidant properties that protect from signs of aging and promote healthy skin.
  • Apple Stem Cells – Derived from a rare apple tree, these plant stem cells help increase skin’s stem cell production, resulting in a more rejuvenated appearance with less fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Butterfly Bush Stem Cells – Also known as Buddleja, this European native’s plant stem cells reach deep into the skin’s surface with its nutrients and antioxidants to promote healthy skin and protect from signs of aging.
  • Echinacea Stem Cells – The plant stem cells from this North American flowering plant help calm redness and restore skin’s natural collagen.
  • Edelweiss Stem Cells – Grown in the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps, these plant stem cells provide powerful antioxidant benefits that support the complexion’s natural balance, help reduce skin sensitivity and protect from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Gardenia Stem Cells – This tropical evergreen shrub produces plant stem cells that stimulate the collagen system, reduce collagen loss and restore the balance of collagen turnover. 
  • Stem Cell Tri-Plex – Plant stem cells from echinacea, gardenia and edelweiss combine into a dreamy formula to restore skin’s collagen, reduce dark circles and soothe irritation. 

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