Face The Facts | Put These Skin Myths To Rest

We wish some of these skin myths were true, however, the facts tell a different story. Now it's time to put these skin myths to rest that prevent you from achieving your healthiest skin. Skin Myths to Ignore

#1 – Hot Water Is Good For Skin

Hot water actually removes oils and natural moisturizers from skin, this can leave skin dry and itchy. The face is particularly sensitive to hot water, so if you shower in hot water, make sure to only use warm water on the face.

#2 – Oily Skin Does Not Need Moisturizer 

Moisturizer has many benefits for people with oily skin. Without moisturizer, skin will dry out, and the skin’s natural response is to create more oil.

#3 – Only Wear Sunscreen on Sunny Days

Up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays go through the clouds. It is important to wear sunscreen whenever you plan on being outside for an extended period of time.

#4 – Makeup Makes You Age Faster

Some makeup is actually good for skin. If you choose good makeup products, wear makeup as recommended, clean off nightly, and follow a healthy skin care routine, makeup will not damage skin, or make you age faster.

#5 – Face Exercises Will Reduce Wrinkles

The wrinkles you have are for the most part permanent and any repetitive stretching of the skin is likely to cause new wrinkles. Using the muscles in the face more will not strengthen or tighten the face’s appearance. 

#6 – Antioxidants Reverse Wrinkles

Antioxidants are an excellent ingredient to fight the effects of aging. While they do help prevent skin damage and reduce inflammation, antioxidants do not actually remove wrinkles or reverse the signs of aging.

#7 – Do Not Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

Exfoliating cleans clogged pores and helps skin absorb moisture, which is beneficial to sensitive skin. It is important to use a less abrasive product and a gentle technique, as to not irritate or inflame the skin.

#8 – Moisturizer Removes Wrinkles

Moisturizer will not remove wrinkles, but will help prevent future ones. As we get older, our bodies are not naturally moist, so existing wrinkles may seem less pronounced when moisturizing regularly.

#9 – Too Much Makeup Causes Acne

Makeup does not cause acne, however not properly washing after wearing makeup, and using products that have been contaminated with bacteria, can cause skin problems and acne breakouts.

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