Kiss My Lash™ Mirror

For flawless application, everytime.

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How it works

Step One

Place the mirror on a flat surface.

Step Two

Position your head to look straight down into the center mirror.

Step Three

With your head still and using only your eyes, look up and down into the side mirrors to see the top and bottom of your lashes.

Good Janes

Kiss My Lash™ Mirror

Introducing Kiss My Lash™, the magical mirror that lets you see your upper and lower lashes from all angles. With Kiss My Lash™, applying makeup and false lashes has never been easier!
  • Triangulated mirror allows you to see the tops and bottoms of your lashes and eye area.
  • Patent-pending design provides the truest line of sight for accurate placement.
  • Hold the mirror, lay flat on a surface, or attach it to the Kiss My Lash™ stand to help you work hands-free.

*Kiss My Lash™ Stand not included with Mirror purchase

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