The biggest mistakes when applying false lashes - SOLVED!

So, you picked out the perfect pair of false lashes, but now the panic starts to set in as you wonder how exactly you’re going to get these fabulous lashes on. Will you need help? Did you put too much adhesive or not enough? Are they going to embarrassingly dangle off your lid in about three hours?

All valid questions and fears, and at GoodJanes we’ve definitely had our fair share of eyelash mishaps. Even pros have to start somewhere! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the biggest mistakes we’ve made and that we’ve heard from our friends and customers to help you apply your lashes flawlessly!


1. Not curling your real lashes before application

Many false lashes come pre-curled, so placing them on top of stick-straight natural lashes can keep them from blending in seamlessly.

Curling your lashes before application not only allows them to blend with your false lashes but also provides a stable “shelf” for your falsies.


2. Not cutting the lash to your individual eye size

False lashes are not a one-size-fits-all product. Just because they come in the package as one length doesn’t mean that’s what you have to stick with.

If you’ve ever experienced the corners of your lash coming up, it’s most likely because the strip is too large for your eye size. Wearing a lash that’s too big for your eye can also cause the corners of the strip or even the lashes to poke your skin, causing discomfort.

Take your time cutting your lash strip. You spent your hard-earned money on these gorgeous lashes after all, so you don’t want to cut off too much and end up having to purchase a new set!

Carefully lift the lashes out of their packaging and place them on your eye. There will usually still be a little bit of adhesive left behind on the lashes from the packaging, so this can help anchor them temporarily to your lid as you are measuring.

The strip should start where the bulk of your natural lashes begin, but remember, if you start too close to the inner corner of your eye, the extra length of the lashes can irritate that delicate skin. To mark where your lash strip should end, go to where your natural lashes end and then count about two to four lashes inward. To make it easier to remember where to cut (and to avoid having scissors anywhere near your eyes – YIKES!) you can take a light-colored eyeliner or lip pencil and gently mark where to cut.

*Pro tip: always trim from the outer edge of the lash strip and remember to just snip right at the base of the lash strip. Doing so will preserve any lashes you don’t want to get snipped from accidentally getting caught in the crossfire!


3. Get the right adhesive and use just enough!

Please, please, please step away from the colored adhesives, and if you have any tubes of adhesive that came packaged with a pair of lashes, toss them! You invested in a great pair of lashes, so why would you skimp on the one thing that keeps them adhered?

Invest in a quality eyelash glue that is white or transparent. White adhesive glues will dry to a transparent finish, so don’t worry about it showing through. Colored adhesives are less forgiving if you accidentally place the strip too far up on the lid the first go around, and if you’re forgoing eyeliner, the dark adhesive will be even more apparent.

How much adhesive you apply can be a game changer. Don’t apply enough and your lashes will pop off, but apply too much and the glue will glob and ooze and make application a nightmare. Resist the urge to apply the glue straight to the lash from the tube. Instead, squirt a dot of adhesive onto the back of your non-dominant hand or onto the lash tray, take a pointed Q-tip and pick up a minimal amount of glue, then apply a thin line along the lash strip. Don’t forget those corners!

*Pro tip: wait about thirty seconds after you apply the glue to make sure it has time to set up and get tacky. Wet glue won’t hold as soon as you place your strip, causing them to shift or even pop up from the lid.


4. Not using the right mirror

A great mirror can make or break your lash application. Ideally, you need a mirror that allows you to see the tops of your lashes, just like our Kiss My Lash™ mirror! If you can see your lashline, it’s much easier to place the strip correctly and as close to your natural lashes as possible.

*Pro tip: free up your hands by using our Kiss My Lash™ Stand.


5. Placing the lash too far up

Pros and beginners suffer from this faux pas every now and then, and it can definitely alter how comfortable you feel while wearing your lashes, besides the fact that it will make your false lashes more noticeable.

To get your falsies the closest to your lashline as possible, rest them on top of your natural lashes then use your applicator or finger to press the strip right at the base of your lashline.

*Pro tip: if you tend to fumble while placing your lashes, applying the adhesive to your lid can help nip adhesive messes in the bud. Just pick up a dot of adhesive with an eyeliner brush and apply it just like you were lining your lids.


6. Not merging your lashes with mascara

Even though GoodJanes lashes are as close to your natural lashes as you can get, not merging your natural lashes with the falsies can make the falsies stand out more. Seal the deal with a quick swipe of mascara and you’re all set!


Armed with this arsenal of tips, you can now take your next lash application head on!    

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