How to apply mascara LIKE A PRO

Applying mascara seems like one of the simplest parts of our makeup routine. You just swipe it on and go without much thought! But we want to let you in on some secrets to applying your mascara like a pro.

First things first, run a clean, bare through your lashes a few times to smooth out any clumps and to get everything in tip-top shape before you apply your mascara. Combing out any clumped together or stray lashes with your mascara wand can easily turn into an even clumpier mess.

Next, refrain from pumping the wand. We know, we know, we know, this is almost a primal instinct and you most likely picked up the behavior from watching a mother, grandmother, sister, cousin … basically any female ever. But the pumping action can actually cause air to enter the tube, and too much air + mascara = a dried out tube and flakey application.

Extend the life of your mascara and save yourself from having to dust mascara flakes out from under your eyes by simply swirling the brush around a few times in the tube. Use the same motion you would if you were stirring your coffee.

Everyone has ended up with a dot (or three) of mascara on their face due to uncomfortably contorting our arms and hands to get every single lash. Make it so much easier on yourself, and save yourself the added time of removing rogue mascara marks, but bending the brush as you’re sweeping it out of the tube.   

woman holding bent mascara brush up to face

The bent angle will make it much easier to control and access even the smallest, trickiest lashes.

Get your curl on! The whole point of mascara is to bring some openness to the eye. Applying mascara without curling your lashes first is like only doing something halfway. Perk up those lashes by curling beforehand to make your eyes really pop by rotating the curler horizontally after you’ve clamped down.

Now it’s finally time to apply your mascara! There’s many ways to apply mascara, but the best way we’ve found is using a zig-zag motion and wiggling the wand through your lashes. This way coats all of your lashes and helps maintain the curl you created with the eyelash curler. As for the bottom lashline, we’ve found that the very tip of the wand is best to get these finer, shorter lashes.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix formulas! Love the way one mascara offers great volume but love the length you get from another? Layer the two to get the best of both worlds!

And that’s it! Some of these tips may seem like mascara application 101, but it’s always great to get a nice little refresher course, and we hope there were some tips you’ve never heard of before!

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