Love Letters | Caitlyn Chase on Best Face Oil + H2O My God Moisturizer

Caitlyn Chase fell in love with the heavenly duo of GoodJanes Best Face Oil and H2O My God Moisturizer. Vegan skincare, cruelty-free and infused with plant stem cells, H2O My God Moisturizer and Best Face Oil are a skin's dream come true. Caitlyn Chase Skincare GoodJanes Vegan Stem Cells
"I'm all about easy yet effective skincare. I recently tried GoodJanes and fell in love with their products which utilize vegan stem cell technology. My two must-haves from this vegan and cruelty-free line are their Best Face Oil and H2O My God Moisturizer. Together these products hydrate my skin, making it look brighter and smoother, while also providing protection." – Caitlyn Chase on Instagram
Model Caitlyn Chase Skincare Vegan Stem Cells
GoodJanes Vegan Skincare is built to blend... Meet your new BFFs
GoodJanes Best Face Oil is infused with Alpine Rose Plant Stem Cells and works through all seasons to feed your skin. Whether your skin is craving a glow, moisture or nutrition, this fast absorbing oil is naturally effective. Put Best Face Oil on before or after moisturizer, mix with H2O My God, or refresh skin throughout the day... Works for the body and hair too. There is no wrong way to use this vegan stem cell bombshell that is good for all skin types. 
  • Alpine Rose Stem Cells – Found high in the Swiss Alps, these plant stem cells improve cell vitality and natural skin barrier with antioxidant properties that protect from signs of aging and promote healthy skin.
  • Buriti Oil – This palm tree oil found in South America plays a key role in anti-aging with vitamin A, C, E and beta-carotene working to boost collagen production, protect from photo-aging and promote healthy skin. 
  • Oil Blend – A unique blend of safflower, coconut, argan and jojoba oils combine to moisturize, rejuvenate and give skin a radiant appearance.

Some skin needs less, and some skin needs more, customize use of this product to your skin's needs. 

H2O My God is a water cream moisturizer with apple plant stem cells and rich nutrients designed to protect, soothe, repair and brighten the skin year-round. Used morning, night or pre-flight, H2O My God is the ultimate hydration, and good for all skin types.
  • Apple Stem Cells – Derived from a rare apple tree, these plant stem cells help increase skin’s stem cell production, resulting in a more rejuvenated appearance with less fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Peptides – A powerhouse of amino acids that help boost collagen production, build firm and plump skin, repair damage and improve skin barrier, resulting in a more radiant appearance. 
  • Daisy + Rose Extract – Rose cleanses skin to reduce blemishes, soothe irritation and minimize redness, while daisy aids in the repair of dark spots. 
  • Licorice Extract – A naturally beneficial root extract that repairs hyperpigmentation and inflammation on sensitive and damaged skin. 
  • Vitamin C – An intense antioxidant that evens out skin tone, improves hydration, reduces redness, protects from sun damage and helps defend against the signs of aging.

Some skin needs less, and some skin needs more, customize use of this product to your skin's needs. 

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